#1 Agency in New York Hiring. $2000 cash paid daily

The name of our agency is UPM We have been around nationally since 1999 and so have been in business for about 15 years. We specialize and cater to the elite and upscale. All our clientel are very wealthy and are regular customers who have used us numerous times. They are mostly CEOs, and other affluent business men. Everything is kept at the utmost professionalism and discretion. We also pre-screen our regular clients as well so we guarantee your safety. Most of them are regulars and repeat clients that have been utilizing our company for years. This way we know who they are.

You will be making a minimum guaranteed pay of $300-350 cash per hour and some of the appointments are booked for daily rates with the earnings of $1500-$2500 cash daily. We have the best clients and the highest earning potential of any agency out there. These bookings are also done in advance of days or even weeks so you would know your schedule ahead of time.

We have the best clients and best earning potential of all the companies out there. We book the appointments in advance and make the schedule 1- 2 weeks in advance for our girls. This is so you know your schedule ahead of time and you know exactly how much your making. Most of our bookings are multiple hours or multiple days This is because the regular clients take you to dinner, shows, conventions, lounges and or clubs/dancing in addition to spending time with you.

We can book everything around your current schedule or if you have another job, we can work with that. You can work 1-5 days a week if you prefer or you can make your own schedule. There is no pressure and we are very flexible.
We have over 30 girls working for us but many are in college or have other commitments so we are hiring more as of today. If you are still interested email us back with a good contact number, some more pics and a time to touch base with you with more details and start the hiring process. The pics are not posted on the website unless you decide that on your behalf. We have many girls working with us that are not posted in the website. Discretion and being confidential is very important to us. Thank you.

Vicky Ferelie
Hiring Coordinator