70% Payout! Camgirls Wanted For New Camaite: MajesticCams.com

Are you interested in webcam modeling to earn extra cash? Are you an attractive lady 18-24 years in age who wants more out of her God-given assets? Are you able and willing to follow directions and learn quickly? MajesticCams has a one of a kind opportunity for you! [SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY]

Hi, my name is Robert and I am the CEO of my own business. I just recently acquired a new WebCam startup, while the website is under construction, there is still a lot of work to do! One of the most important parts of this industry is marketing and promotion, the production and distribution of materials (photos, videos, banners, advertisements), and making an impression on social media.

That’s where you come in! I am looking for one HIGHLY QUALIFIED and TALENTED “Yes Girl” to work closely with me in the development and promotion not only of MajesticCams, but also to find out your ambitions for your career and product, and help you develop your natural assets.

Please read the job requirements carefully and text me directly if you have any questions.

REQUIREMENTS for MajesticCams “Yes Girl”:
⛛ “Yes Girl” must be natural born female 18-24 years in age, and highly attractive. You already know if you are or not.
⛛ Must send at least 6 photos including face, body (front and backside), and swimwear or lingerie photos for assessment. Hit the “reply” button to send me email, or text to my phone number.
⛛ Candidate must be computer savvy and have active social media profiles.
⛛ “Yes Girl” must email a photograph of her face while holding a legible state issued photo ID.
⛛ Must be willing and able to follow directions and commit to work schedule—this is a prime consideration for being hired into this position.
⛛ “Yes Girl” must be willing to work with male talent to produce adult content for marketing and promotion.
⛛ Must be able to accept suggestions and willing to adapt, grow, develop, and improve talents and assets.
⛛ Must have a working bank account, checkings with debit card to be able to set up payment options.
⛛ Our “Yes Girl” must sign a non-disclosure agreement (meaning that she is not allowed to share company secrets) and a non-compete contract (meaning that she is required to work only for MajesticCams during her tenure). A part time job outside of this industry is allowed, but I don’t want to share your talent with any competition out there!

⛛ Experience in WebCam modeling industry
⛛ Active WebCam model profile a plus
⛛ Energetic, lively, fun, attentive, responsive
⛛ Experience blogging, a live online blog a major bonus
⛛ Own laptop and webcam
⛛ Own vehicle
⛛ Lives a healthy lifestyle, yoga, gym, cardio
⛛ Able to refer friends to MajesticCams!

Above all, as our “Yes Girl” candidate, you will need to follow directions and be willing and able to comply with instructions regarding social media profile management and marketing. There are lots of girls who can pose in front of a webcam for a few bucks, but you are getting VIP position in an up-and-coming business venture and specific attention and coaching to help develop your product and promote the company profile.

Are you too beautiful for a job hosting or serving at the local steak place? I see too many girls stuck in these positions whom say “The money is good.” It might be good, but our business model at MajesticCams ensure that “The money is GREAT.” There is room to grow and the only way is up.

Apply to be our exclusive MajesticCams “Yes Girl” and let’s grow together.

Robert; CEO