Awesome, well paid work for hot new UK female talent


I’m Johnny Rockard, of Johnny Rockard Global Media, and Fanny Street Models (Management) – just in case you’re wondering, Fanny Street is actually a real place in Cardiff.

Anyway. I’d like to tell you so much more about the exciting and highly paid opportunities available with us. But unfortunately space won’t allow for full chapter and verse.

So I’ll cut to the basics and let you log into the site at for for everything else you need to know about working with us.

We’re always on the lookout for hot, new female model talent – aged 18 or over. You’ll need to have an engaging, fun personality for starters. You’ll also have the desire to earn a high income (let’s face it, £50 an hour plus beats national minimum wage and unemployment benefit, right?).

In addition. You need to have a very open mind, ideally be single, and available to travel where necessary, as well as having some ambition towards improving the overall quality of your life.

As for the rest. You’ll just have to hit the site address above and have maybe 15 minutes to learn more about us here at Johnny Rockard HQ