We are looking to hire a THIRD PARTY SERVICE PROVIDER (otherwise known as Studio Account) or a group of agents for the project. So, if you have an existing team and can handle chat services, then it’s you we’re looking for.

Everyone is welcome to apply as long as their English writing skills are proficient, even average English writers are also welcome.

Of course a different pay rate for the manager of the team will be offered.

Basically, it’s a pretty straightforward job. Most of our clients are the big dating and hookup websites that you may or may not have heard of.

So your job is just to be online for as many hours as possible to make sure these guys always have someone to chat with.

Your agents will be paid per message.
The average operator does anywhere from 80-120 message per hour. Just depends if the guy is engaged and you are doing a good job keeping him going (the big tip is to always ask lots of questions so they always feel compelled to answer, lol).

So you can make an average of around $5-$8 per hour for sitting at home a chatting online. 

You may apply via careers at nms dot ph.