Classy and handsome webcammodels with confidence will be hired for 70$ an hour !!

Welcome !

I’m going to keep it short and cool :

I’m business representative for a fast growing multinational who is searching male and female models with an attractive face , classy appearence , perseverance , some intelligence and 20 – 40 hours of free time a week . Our customers are merely wealthy people ( we had one men spending 65000$ in one weekend to only a couple of his favorite models on our network ) and so we are searching people who are able to stay a little bit mysterious and can keep customers willing to discover everything about their personality . This will lead to longer private chats in which nudity is not specifically required . Our customers mostly are in search for some fun and that fun can perfectly be a game , … Of course we are not in search for people with a high sensibility who are quickly shocked . You can never avoid people asking you to do a nude pose but you can avoid to ‘ implement ‘ those nude poses by keeping them entertained in other ways … Being a succesful performer myself I know what I’m talking about and I’m definitely honest with you when I’m saying that attractive people with class will do ways better on our network than vulgary people willing to go naked . The best match would be classy and attractive people willing to go naked but that border is personal for everyone apart . We will never push someone to do something she / he would not feel comfortable with , no matter how rich the customer visiting your room is . But you will have to mention what you are willing to do in your application . My rule is always : be honest in this ! Don’t think that we are definitely not going to hire you because you are not comfortable with nudity . We have solutions for that ! The benefits for working with our company are unique in the adult industry : our models make 100000$ annual in their first year on average , where this is only possible for the very best working with other companies ! Our very best models make well over 250000$ per year ! This is possible cause our company site has 100 times more daily hits than what’s considered to be the highest traffic network called Streamate . This comes because our company is exclusive and therefore we stay hidden for the ‘ cheaper webcammodels ‘ in the industry . We only hire people who take care of their body , who have an eye for mode and who are willing to work on a regular basis , not just three / four hours every once in a while . We train our models with a very expensive program in which we invested well over 10000$ dollars and because of that our models have a rate of almost 100% to succeed as a top paid model . We have so much confidence in our models that we send our best models on a cruise bi annually . Usually this is the Bahama’s or Hawaï .

Furthermore we provide our models with free toys and attributes and every model can request a training course . If you are not living in the United States this training will usually take place through Skype .

We hire both male and female models from Australia , England , US , Finland , Holland , France , Germany , Italy , Spain , Portugal , Switzerland , Belgium , Ireland , Scotland and Austria , the Carribeans .

Being able to prove your majority with any form of legal identification is a must !

Feel free to contact me for more information or with any concerns via phone or through email .

It would be a pleasure to have you on board and we understand that this is a serious decision for you so please don’t stay behind ignorant and ask every possible question you might have !

Cheers on your lovely career with us !