DonateNaked First Adult Charitable NonProfit

DonateNaked is a Online Charitable Nonprofit. 100% of proceeds are donated to various charities. We take a wide variety of donated nudes from men & women 18+ and turn them into cash for charity.

How many of us walk past people outside of store trying to get cash donations for their cause. Because we cant spare any money. Or we either tell them “No Cash Just Plastic” or Give our last few pennies. Well with us you need $0 Cash to donate. Lets Support A Cause The Adult Way!

How To Donate!
Easy! Snap a newly taken nude selfie, flash, mirror shot… whatever naked photo you want. Then Txt it or Email it to
No Names or Any Info Needed Just The Photo!

Then Follow Us On Twitter @donatenaked
Instagram @donatenaked
Snapchat @dnaked1

On Twitter we will tweet daily shout outs for different types of photos we currently need.
Instagram We will post different challenges for prizes!
Snapchat is just another method to donate!

You can donate multiple times, if a shout out interests you donate again.

We only need photos sent to us. We Do Not need your name, age, address or any other info. The only info we will ask for at certain times would be your clothing size if you win a clothing prize. Obviously the photos will have you in them but they are only sold in multi photo collections on our ebay adult shop. So if someone happens to spot you… just be proud you donated to a good cause or just deny it if you need to!

How Do We Turn Them Into Cash For Charity!
Well we collect photos in collections once they reach a certain size like 100, 500 or 1000 images. We then post the collection to our ebay adult shop and sell it. Then every penny goes straight to charity when the collection is purchased.
We need them newly taken because we aim to provide never before seen photos to buyers. Please Come Join Us!