Female Models 18 to 25 Needed for Adult Cartoonification Fetish Videos (Massachusetts)

Hello! This is Alexander Gonzie! Back in 2013, I have produced a series of adult fetish videos for my clips4sale studio store, which consisted of sexy young women, dressed as sexy clowns, whom would tease by showing off what they have, all the while cartoon sound effects would emit from each part of their bodies they would use to tease viewers with. My studio store has suffered a 3 plus year hiatus due to my not being able to produce new content, but I am now ready to do so and I am seeking out female models, ages 18 to 25, whom are into performing weird fetishes such as what is mentioned above and teasing in various silly/cartoon-like ways, for the purpose of the growing demand of “Cartoonification” fetish videos. Some nudity is indeed required! Available compensation would be, 100 dollars for every 15 or so minute video, plus gas money, suppose you would need to get yourself to the part of Massachusetts where this shoot will be taking place, which is the West Springfield, MA area of Western Massachusetts. Though local models are preferred. Please submit your head/body shots with your responses.

Contact me at agonzie80@gmail.com

Thank you and I look forward to working with you!