females and female interns are needed to help me enlarge my dating site by promoting us on social media by posting articles +—-you must love to talk on the phone—-and be able to interview—men and women !!!

there is no selling involved

pay will start at $10 an hour

but will go up to $17 up once you become popular

i want to hire women

with no social media presence now !!

and that will let me train them to be

and bring in women to be brand ambassadors

and spread the word and become

in the dating arena–

and those that want to have a lot of followers on the


and to grow our label

and be very popular on the internet

by I want to hire 7 female go-getters

that want to bring in men and women to my new dating site

you may live in any city in the usa

I don’t care where you live

no selling ever

all that you need to do is place ads in your local area

and prescreen them

and make sure they have good photos !!!

to see that they are not flakes or looky-loos

the pay is low to begin

but once you get started you may average $17 an hour

if you are attractive you will bring in way more people

rush us your resume
3 selfies