Girls wanted to model No experience required

Our company is currently looking for several girls between the ages of 18 and 45 to model for our company. We need girls for part time work in which a place to stay will be provided to each model while there working. Pay will be by the hour and all models will be paid at end of each work week.

No experience is required and we will consider everyone who applies. If you have never modeled before we will work with you as long as needed. Each girl will be required to attend a 3 day casting in which case they will go through everything they would during a regular photo / video shoot. All information is kept confidential and most photo and video shoots are private shoots only.

Pay will be discussed prior to being hired. We will cover your travel expenses to our location. All girls will be required to a sign a work contract ranging from 90 days to 3 years depending on what each model is interested in doing. The work will be done in several states across the united states. Girls from other countries are welcome to apply.

All girls working part time and full time will be provided with the following:

Place to stay at no extra cost, weekly or bi-weekly pay check, and all other living requirements.

We will work with almost anyone who applies. All we ask is that your upfront about any restrictions, etc… We can work around schedules if needed. All girls interested may email us anytime to apply.

Special note for any girls interested in working but are still virgins. We will work with any girls who are virgins and pay them $800 for the 3 day casting in which they will do the same requirements as anyone else.

Interested in applying to our company? Then please email the following information and we will review your application.

Please email with the following information to apply. By supplying the information below it will all be kept confidential at all times from everyone. All images and models have a different name appointed to them at all times. No information supplied will deny your application. We dont judge based on age, race, height, weight, etc… everyone is welcome to apply.

Your Name:
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Are you Shaved? Yes / No
Any restrictions?
City / State
Can you provide proof of age?
Please attach at least 4 images of yourself. Please include at least 2 nude images showing your body.
Do you have any experience? Yes / No