GlobalBabes is hiring British , Australian and American babes !

We are GlobalBabes . We are an old fashioned dispatch service with modern tendencies . Providing the best phone sex services throughout Australia , Europe and America as well as Singapore and HongKong is our biggest goal every day again . We strive to be a business leader with topnotch quality for both our operators and our customers . We use only the best carriers and the most sophisticated although simple to use high quality technology !

Now you can become part of our team ! We are looking for dispatch phone sex operators who love their field and who want to grow with us .

To qualify you MUST :
– be a teamplayer
– have a seductive voice
– be open minded
– be Australian , British or American
– Speak English fluently
– Have a PayPal account
– Have a basic knowledge about fetishes .
– Have at least 12 hours a week of free time

We only want the best of the best for our customers and we ensure that every hired phone entertainer will be treated as gold from the moment you start . No slavery here

We pay once a month straight into your PayPal account or direct deposit in your bank account if you are in the United States

We compared , analyzed our pay rates and came to the conclusion that there are no higher pay rates on the market of worthwile companies than what we offer : 0.40$ USD for each talked minute spent on the phone .

A lot of companies require operators to blog , to participate in pre-sale interaction ,…
As a payoneer on the phone sex market we can assure that these activities seldom lead to more call volume . You lose precious time with this and you don’t win anything with it .
That’s why we do all the advertising for you .
We take care of the traffic , you please them

We need 10 good phone operators to start immediately ! We are currently in huge demand for our services .

Working at least 3 shifts a week is a requirement ! Each shift lasts 4 hours .

To express your interest contact our employment department :
Your contact person is Elisabeth Mcbeath .