High income for elegant escorts in the city centre of Basel, Switzerland

Hello Ladies,

Were busy and legal brothel in Basel, Switzerland. We are
good established brothel with regular clients base and really good income.

We have new renovated rooms for work and sleep, and provide serious and professional working atmosphere.

No Hidden FEES.

Were looking for ladies drama free and bubble attitude and GOOD

Please no drama princesses, we are have jobs and established well paying customer base for girls who are able to live and work as a team, as well as who are able to follow the rules of the house.

About the languages – The main 2 languages we are after are German or English; nevertheless – please contact me if you speak any other language that can be helpful.

Our adverts appear regularly in all the relevant areas and channels (TV, radio, newspaper, internet). We cover all the advertising costs – our employees don’t have to do that! We do not save on you, all girls get equal chances.

Current accounts – no deposit required. There are no room rental costs. Free accommodation. There are no hidden costs.

If you are Interested just ring me once and I call you back.

Hopefully see you soon,