Looking for video lingerie model in Maidstone, Kent, UK

I am planing to shoot a specific series of 40-60 min erotic HD youtube videos (no nude scenes) and I’m looking for female models who look good in lingerie and can act naturally on camera.

The pay is £40 per episode – each 40-60 min episode will consist of 1 scene only and will be shot in 1 go (from start till end).

Few examples of possible scenes;
1) laying in bed wearing lingerie and reading a book (60 min)
2) cleaning a room (60 min)
3) ironing (60 min)
.. and others

Will shoot 3-5 episodes with 1 actress within 1 day.

Shooting will take place in my office-studio in Maidstone centre (Maidstone old library).

Please let me know if you could be interested.


Please email me your details with few photos to info (at) mediatower.co.uk