Angel Cams thinks that your look and experience may be a good fit for our studio. Some of our webcam performers are making over $2,500 a day. Our models earn between 32 and 42 1/2 percent of there total earnings. This is much higher than what most studios give their performers. As you build steady clientele and regulars you can not only make a higher percentage but we will gradually increase your minutely rate as we see that you are desired by your followers enough that they will pay more. You can find our online application at the link below, just copy and paste it into your browser. On the application page there is live chat support if you need help or have any questions. We are always here to help and see our performers succeed and reach their maximum potential. At angel Cams we provide you with other ways to earn, as well. You can sign new customers up through a provided link we will provide you and you earn a percentage of everything the customer spends as long as he is a customer. The same is true for new models, as long as they have not worked for us before, you can refer new models and you get a percentage of their earnings out of the studios portion for the length of their employment. You can make a lot of extra money this way.

Kindest Regards,

Admin Angel Cams