Naughty Or Nice

Hello and welcome to pleasures!! I’m the CEO of this company and I’m seeking an experienced PSO, I’m looking for someone who’s very flirtatious,erotic, bold, and can moan, make realistic sounds, sexual imagination, good at roll playing making the customers wanting and begging for more… I have only 5 slots left, So I’m only looking for 5 women. For those that have been in the industry if you feel comfortable and you’ve Trolled before you may do also. The amount of money you’ll make is based on how well you keep the your calls coming in and your duration of calls. If you are interested and you’re Naughty or Nice give Pleasures a call or email me at the provided information listed above. FYI when I retrieve the messages and listen to them one by one and you sound very nervous, shy, or sound like you’re sneaking on the phone I will automatically delete your message.. Make a believer out of me.. And let’s make some extra cash ladies

Thank you