Need Audio and Webcam Sex Chat Models

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Great News!!
WE PAY HOURLY PAYMENTS TO OUR MODELS (Regardless of whether you get calls or not). You will earn every hour for just logging in to the site.

We are in need of Girls/Women (Indian preferred but foreigners also allowed) who can work as Audio AND/OR Video Chat Models on our site .
This job is only for ladies above 18 years. All the necessary details are given below.
You should know Hindi or any one Indian language fluently along with English (Understandable)


1. This is a home based job. You can work in your free time.
There is no minimum or maximum time of work, We have operators working for 4 hours and we have who work for 12 hours also. The more you work, the more you earn.

2. You will be paid Rs.80 ($1.2) per hour minimum. Depending on your efficiency the payment can go up to Rs.200 ($3) per hour. Few of our operators are earning Rs.200 ($3) consistently.
Your efficiency is calculated by time you hold the callers, more you are able to hold them online, more BONUS (apart from the hourly pay) you will earn.
The average hold time is calculated per day and added as bonus.
You will also get bonus for extra calls.

3. You will NOT SHARE your name, address, phone number etc. You will be given a username and you will be known only with that. You will receive calls to your Laptop or Computer and you will be talking through the headphones. With this your PRIVACY is 100% guaranteed.

4. The calls can be general talk, friendship talk, hot or erotic talks.

5. This is only voice chat. You are a voice actor or voice model.

6. There will be on the job training. So if you are a fresher do not panic


1. A smiling and confident person all the time.
2. Fluency in Hindi or any Indian Language. Knowledge of English and other Indian languages are an added advantage
3.You will need a fast internet connection, PC or laptop with headphones
4. You will need a private place at your home to be able to work


1. If you feel insecure we can send you payment every week for the first month.

2. After the first month, the payment will be sent every 1st of the month.

If interested please drop a Mail at:

and we will get back to you with more details.


Apply here directly:

Thanks for your time.