Secretary/Assistant Wanted

I am a college professor and I am trying to get promoted. I need an office assistant/secretary/research assistant. Your main duties would be keeping up with my schedule or calendar, inputting information, making copies etc. Most of it is basic clerical work. I might also have you do some research for me. As a professor, we have to publish new research so I might have you get information, proofread, mail things off, etc. You would stay in my office and not be required to attend my classes. I have not had anyone fill this position before but have always wanted to find the right person. The biggest obstacles have always been finding a person I can trust and someone who is willing to go the extra mile. Im not going to lie — you could probably get paid more elsewhere but I still pay better than you think. Im a professor, not a CEO, and I would be paying your salary rather than the university. Salary is negotiable but the biggest benefits include schedule flexibility, good experience, a letter of recommendation/person for references, and things like that. I will also cover all expenses (like gas) and pay a salary on top of that. You would report directly to me and our encounters would be discreet on some levels. Im sure my colleagues would see you around campus and know you are working for me but they will never know the special aspects of our relationship. From a personality perspective, I tend to be on the quiet side but I can be very straight forward and know what I want. I expect loyalty and attention to detail. I am also very caring and can be very flexible on some things but very demanding on the things that are important to me. Of course, that information above is more about the professional side of our relationship. You will be expected to relieve my stress and please me on a personal level. I wont make you do things that you are uncomfortable with but lets face facts — your job is to make me happy and give me exactly what I want. If you do that — you will find this position very fulfilling. I am not necessarily opposed to you having another job but I will still expect you to take your role in my life seriously. It is perfect for people who need extra money – I have a fantasy for a sexy/submissive female secretary and Id love to fulfill that. Pics also available upon request. Serious requests only please