The chance to meet the woman I keep on looking

I allow myself to explore the different possibilities and experiences of life while looking for her. I do still don’t find the woman of my dreams and desire. I have never seen the spark that I could say she is the one that my heartbeats. So I never put a limit to myself in searching for that woman. I travel in most parts of the world to grab the chance to meet the woman I keep on looking.

One day when I woke up, somebody knocks on my door. It was my secretary for I was instructed her the night before that I wouldn’t be going to the office for the whole day for I had such an important thing to do at home. If she needs immediate needs to call or see me personally, she better get me or comes to my house. That is what she did. When I open the door, my secretary me handed me an envelope with a plane ticket for I advised to go to London for another convention that I need to attend, and my flight would be the day after tomorrow. I was so glad about reading the memo that my secretary handed on me. I just answered her with a smile, thinking that maybe in going to London, I could see her in there. According to London escort agency.



Exactly the day after tomorrow, I flew to London. Though it’s not my first time in the place, I still feel like it was my first time there. I do not know why I think those things in me.


With the one day chance of roaming around London, I never let pass the opportunity to meet an escort date in there. When I called up, it was a 24h London escorts that I was calling with, and I was so happy for it was my dream to have an experience with them. We two stayed in my room during that day, for I wanted to relax and enjoy some fun with London escorts personality. After that, I told her to stay with me for the entire days that I will be staying in London. She agrees with me. I hate that the moment London escorts are with me, we will spend time together for about an hour, for I need to go convention the whole day and even night. I do spoil my date with her that I feel so guilty, so I asked permission to bring her to the convention to have a companion with me, and I was so happy that I was approved.

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