Upcoming web cam site

Want to earn extra money as an independent contractor?

This February we will be launching a new cam to cam website. You will have pre recorded video’s that can be viewed each time for $1. You will have to post the hours you will be online for customer’s. During your live cam to cam, customers will pay $1.50 a minute in general chat and $3.00 a minute if they go into private cam to cam chat.

This is a chance for you to work for yourself on your own hours. You will receive 50% of all earned income from your page as well as 1% for each toy order referral. At the end of the year we will send you out a 1099 form for your tax filing purposes.

All are welcome to apply as we want a diverse group of performer’s. Seeking driven people who will actively search for business to come view them and not just rely on site traffic. The harder you work the more you make. If we choose to work with you, we will need to have you fill out a performer release as well as have valid photo id on file for records keeping due to federal law. You will need a quality computer cam to work and if anyone joins you on your page they need to fill out a performer release and have photo id on record first as well. Once the site is up and running smoothly we will start working on introducing porn video’s to the site also.

For consideration please send email to joeyblackeyez@ aol.com with your full name, address, age and stats, your idea’s for cam to cam on your page (will people join you? use toys? etc…), as well as quality face and nude body pics. Also please let us know if you are interested in doing porn video’s down the line so we can add those that are interested. Thanks for reading.