Wanted: Erotic massages and intimate service job


i like to ask for working possibilities as nude male model for massage and sex service.

Serving women, men, ts, couples and groups with a wide range of massage and active/passivr bi sex service,
so also other service is possible on demand.

Currently being in Germany, but able to come to your country for working, if you like to arrange.
I am interested in 1-3 days a week to work in locale studio and/or also being escort 7 days a week

I am working in NL/Limburg/Roermond-Venlo and in Germany Möchengladbach-Bochum currently as
independant erotic massage and a/p bi sex model in sparetime beside selfemployancy – if you can get me a
good job, i can also work longer up to full time. I like being and serving nude!

Also i am interested in longer cooperation, so signing any contract is possible for secure on both sides if you
like to.

I am single, no strings attached, male, 192cm, height, 85kg weight, bisexual, clean, healthy, no smokong,
no perfumes, no drugs, occasional drinking (but not in job) mobile

I am experienced in:
– empathic sensual erotic massage with detox elements
– locale a/p bi sex service for men in studios + appartements
– escort service for women + men
– independent erotic massage + a/p bi sex service
– nude working/serving/cleaning
– amateur hardcore porn actor
– live sex on stage with a woman

Interested in an erotic massage education in local studio, appartements, brothel, club etc.

What can you offer to which conditions ? Please think about offering a new service to your clients, before
rejecting my offer and search. thx.

Please drop me a line, if you are interested and can offer a job.

I know from Germans and Netherlands, that there are hetero, bi and gay men who like to have erotic massages
and sex serving offering by a man who also can be touched and having sex with – and i am open minded with less
taboos for best service, so both will have benefit from my serving; but i need a locale meeting place.

I can provide up to 10 nude photos and 2 collages with nudes without masking for advertising, but sure, you
can do any other photos you need for advertising, but i am working and advertising nude only! People like my

Here is my ad + pictures:

Would be nice to get an answer, also if you can`t offer me anything.


eMail: EroMassage4u[a]gmx.de
Phone: +49-178-1763953

(PS: I am looking also for a sexy woman in erotic area working, for serious relationship + marriage)