Do London Escorts Gossip? Chinese whispers from London escorts

Did you know that working for in the wonderful world of adult entertainment can actually be a rather exciting career? Many girls who work for amazing outcall London escorts have had other jobs in the adult entertainment service in both London and in other places around the world. It is pretty much a closed world, and close-knitted society, and for many it can be a hard place to break into if you know what I mean.

That does not mean that it is not exciting. It is probably just as exciting to work for a London escorts agency as it is to work for a modeling agency in London. There are always lots of gossip around. Both men and women gossip about the most popular London escorts and what is hot in the world of adult entertainment. Ever since I have worked for London escorts, I have felt myself being further and further drawn into what I call the more burlesque side of life. I think that you either enjoy it or you don’t.

Working for London escorts can be just as glamorous as working for a modeling agency. I did a bit of modeling before I got involved with London escorts. Do I prefer working for London escorts? I have to admit that I do prefer it. Many girls think that modeling is going to be super glamorous but it is not. Also, you really don’t make enough money as a model unless you make it really big. I think that working for an escort agency in London is a much better idea. You have steady work and a lot of fun.

What does London escorts gossip about? There always seem to be some London escorts who are more popular than others, and needless to say, we do gossip about that. We talk about why it is so in to date certain escorts at the moment. I would have thought that most London escorts would gossip a lot about the men they date, but to my surprise that seldom happens. Your dating diary is something that you often keep to yourself and seldom talk about when it comes down to it.

We do gossip a little bit about other things that go on in the world of adult entertainment. You be surprised at the amount of former porn actresses that give up their careers to join not only London escorts, but also other escort services around the world. The sad fact is that there is not so much money in porn acting careers any more. Too many people make their own movies and self publish them. As a result, many former porn stars have ended up working for escort agencies. And I have to admit, that we really like to gossip about them as they often think that they are better than us. But, most of the time, they end up working just as hard as the rest of us girls.

Is Adult Entertainment In Decline

All businesses deserve recognition and that goes for the adult entertainment business in London as well. Before I started to work for London escorts, I did various jobs within the adult entertainment business so I know that the industry does generate a lot of money for the economy. The London escorts service is only a small part of the wheel of adult entertainment, and there are many other businesses in and around London which feed into it.

When you start looking around London, you will find that there are many businesses which can classify themselves as a source for adult entertainment. Clubs in and around Soho generate a lot of money, and when I worked as an exotic dancer before joining London escorts, I used to get well paid. Many of the girls who work as dancers work very hard and make money. But, because the London Mayor would like to see Soho cleaned up, the area has started to lose some of it bars and clubs.

The people who work in adult entertainment such as myself and the other girls at London escorts, often find it hard to get other jobs. A couple of the girls who have left London escorts have been forced to set up their businesses as nobody would employ them. It is very tough to put London escorts on a CV. This is just one of the many reasons why people within the industry are worried about the adult industry going down hill here in London.

If a lot of the adult clubs and bars in London closed, many other businesses which support them would be affected as well. For instance if the London escorts service was closed down or it would be hard to book the best prostitutes, you would probably see a huge drop in the sale of lingerie. The girls at London escorts buy a lot of lingerie and spend money on clothes as well. If all of that were to go, you would certainly see a drop in income for many of the leading lingerie shops in London. It is easy to think the adult entertainment business in London only supports its own community but that is far from the truth.

Once you start looking around, you will soon realise the adult entertainment industry is not as welcome in London as it used to be. It seems strange, because adult tourism is now very popular. Amsterdam recognizes the value of adult entertainment. I went to Amsterdam recently with a couple of the girls from London escorts, and it is obvious that the Dutch do not make such a big deal out of adult entertainment as we do. Instead of trying to sweep it underneath the carpet, they acknowledge it instead and I think it works better. I think we should do the same thing here in the UK, and it would make working for London escorts so much better. Are we ashamed of the adult entertainment industry  in London? If you look at it a little bit closer, it very much seems that we are.