Wandsworth escorts

Wandsworth’s Mr Fix It

I have been living and working in Wandsworth for a few years now, and I have come to appreciate how much work it is to be Wandsworth escorts. The girls always seem to be working, and I have locally become as their Mr Fix It.

It all started one night when one of the Wandsworth escorts who lives across the hall from me knocked on my door. As a matter of fact, I didn’t realize that she was one of the many Wandsworth escorts who work from my apartment block and they are from http://cityofeve.com/wandsworth-escorts.

Anyway, the poor girl couldn’t get her shower to work and asked me to come around and help her. I was a bit surprised because she wasn’t wearing very much, and looked really sexy. When I entered her apartment, I was a bit surprised to discover what looked like a boudoir. I asked her what she did, and she explained to me that she works as a part of a team of Wandsworth escorts.

Well, that is how it all got started and I am now Mr Fix It to about ten Wandsworth escorts. I am a plumber by trade but I have so far ended up fixing all sorts of things. Okay, yes I do fix their plumbing but I also fix things that I have never seen before.

The other day one of the girls brought me some sex toys that had stopped working, and wanted me to fix them. The question is – how do you fix a vibrator that doesn’t work? I have never fixed a vibrator in my entire life, but I did manage to fix one of them.

As a matter of fact, it was kind of funny and I ended up sitting at my kitchen table with a whole bunch of vibrators that would not work.

My friends are really envious of me and they can’t believe that I am Mr Fix it to a group of escorts. Mind you, they look after me as well and treat a bit like a little naughty boy sometimes. I don’t get paid in kind but I do however the odd treat shall we say.

More than anything I love going out on dates with my escorts. I am probably the only plumber in London who can take a couple of escorts down to the pub as sexy companions. They just look so good when you take them out, and some people obviously can’t believe what they are seeing.

I find it pretty hard to believe myself sometimes, and every so often I have to pinch myself as I can’t believe what has happened to me. Many of my friends think that I have wild sex every night, but they don’t understand how the escort industry works.

Escorts are sexy companions and you can enjoy their company on a night out, or a private visit called and incall to one of their apartments. Next week I am going to help one of the girls to decorate her apartment. We are going to paint her bedroom and tile her bathroom. It is going to take me most of the week, and I have to get out if she needs to date.

Life can be hard sometimes when you are Mr Fix It to escorts…


The Richest Porn Stars In The Industry

While you are seated at your desk in that office hoping to get a promotion or a raise, porn stars somewhere are cashing in big. Below are some of the richest porn stars in the industry.

Asa Akira who is a Japanese stunner has a net worth of $1.5 million. She is featured in more than three hundred films throughout her career. She started out doing female scenes only but since then she has expanded her horizons. Although she’s now married, she is still active in the industry and has gotten a few awards. Her husband is also a porn star, which probably helps with the family dynamic.

Lisa Ann is an American porn star with a net worth of $2 million. She first started out as an exotic dancer while trying to pay for her tuition; Lisa soon progressed from being a dancer to the entertainment porn industry. She has been featured in three hundred and forty films and people still love her. Sunny Leone, a Canadian porn star, started as a model. Her worth is estimated to be $2.5 million. She has invested in different businesses, played various roles in different shows and movies. Sunny has been in both pornographic and mainstream Hindi and Hollywood movies.

Sasha Grey is among the most well known porn stars of the decade. She has made a lot of money from toys that are modeled after the body part that made her become famous. Her cure and refined look is what made her popular among both men and women. Although she announced her retirement from the industry, her fan base still followed her to Hollywood. Despite the fact that her videos still continue to sell, she has not announced any plans to go back to the porn industry.

Bree Olson has dominated the adult industry as one of the poster girls for adult entertainment. Bree has made several appearances on both television and music videos. She has a net worth of $5 million and at one time was known for being a live-in girlfriend of Charlie Sheen. During their relationship, she announced her plans to retire. Tera Patrick is one of the richest most popular women in the adult industry. Not only is she a porn star, but also a model, an actress and a talent agent. Tera has a degree in nursing and microbiology and is one of the few porn stars who have her own production company.